Sunday, 4 December 2011

Redlight: don't stop, keep going

Big news has unfolded in the dance world; the legendary underground garage producer that goes by the name of Redlight has recently made his mainstream breakthrough. If you were never a fan of that specific scene back in the day then this may just make you want to rediscover it. Get Out My Head is a big-sounding, upbeat modern-day smash that's been pounding your airways for the past month and is set to stay there for a long time yet.

The drop on this song is sooo unbelievably good that if, for some unknown reason, you're not feeling the raw guitar intro then you'll be unable to resist that pounding bass kick. It's not particularly heavy or nasty, rather filled to the brim with one thing only - energy. In my eyes, it's nigh on impossible not to want to jump about to this stripped back beauty.

Speaking of stripped back, the vocals on this track are immense. There's no computerised tinkering, just one of the many talented ladies we have in the UK at the moment rocking about with a mic and having a whale of a time and that really comes across in the finished product. Having worked with Ms Dynamite, Mz Bratt and Roses Gabor (you know, from Pharaohs with SBTRKT), I think it's safe to say that our friend Redlight prefers his collaborations with the fairer sex!

You see, I reckon we'll be hearing a lot more from this sort of music: a homegrown vocalist, minimalistic beat and wide genre spread. Redlight may be signed to Chase & Status' MTA Records but there's a definite early-garage feel to it and then even some house peeking through. With Example and his crew at the forefront, you'd best get ready to here more and more of this mish-mash music over the next few years.

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