Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ocasan: Northampton's finest hotly tipped pop rock band

As this is the final in my Northampton's Finest extravaganza I thought I would bring you a band who I think will be making a pretty huge amount of noise next year. With Panic! At The Disco written all over their faces, Ocasan just jammed their foot in the door by featuring in Kerrang! magazine and are due to storm the whole house, destroy the electric guitars, batter the drum kits and blow every speaker imaginable. They have youth, energy, good-looks and talent all on their side - the trio are absolutely unstoppable.

Having just returned from tour you'd have thought they might want a little break but, no, they're right back up there with the stadium anthemic Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Awesome on every level, rockers up and down the country are currently leaping about their bedrooms, shaking their shaggy manes, hammering air guitars and screaming along to the lyrics of this instant tune. That's really all I need from life: three guys having fun and making epic tunes. So make doubly sure that you don't lift your finger from because Ocasan are going to get ma-hoo-sive next year.

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