Friday, 2 December 2011

Northamptonshire Hip-Hop: who, what, where and why

Northampton may not come to the front of your mind when you think British hip-hop but, I assure you, the talent comes by the bucket load. It's all blowing up on Hammtun!, the only place to be if you're a true N'hants rap fan. They get the latest freestyles from Smash Down TV, all the hot new urban fashion from Blok Shop and UK wide hip-hop and grime tunes (basically the cooler version of Bedge Music).

Then there's the million and one rappers that float about around the county. The Organised Rhyme Family are, without a doubt, the sickest crew in the East Midlands. Mr Huey Newton from the group has gone solo for an amazing little E.P. that you can download FOR FREEEEEE from their BandCamp now. Yes, now, for free! And if it's producers you're after then I'll have you know that our reply to DJ Fresh, Goldlock and Octagon, are getting massive plays all over Britain and have swooped to 29 in the UK Club Charts. If only they'd go in a tad harder I reckon they'd be right there at the top. Just saying.

However I make no secret of the fact that my favourite rapper ATM is, hands down, Ill Murk. He's destroyed all barriers with his latest Wade In The Water mixtape; it's loaded with leaps and bounds between fun and gentle, to heavy and meaningful, and then back to soothing again. I couldn't choose any one to play so I decided to scrape together a little mix of some of the bestest bits and rework it old-skool. To be fair, it's my first attempt and I had two weeks plus some rubbish free software that's about ten years out of date. Safe to say - it's not great. The actual original tracks are superb, though, so make sure you go to GrimeTime Promotions for a heartfelt observance of politics, romance and the hip-hop/grime scene today.

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