Friday, 16 December 2011


I'd like to have you know that floating around the streets of Northampton at the moment is a vast amount of wonderful talent and, sadly, people just don't always recognise it. If I had my way I would introduce a bedroom performer each and every week but annoyingly very few people put their music on YouTube so I can't put any of it up on my blog! Luckily Nearside had the right idea and decided to post their cover of The Black Keys - Tighten Up at the Northampton School for Boys XX Factor online.

They're a quirky three piece who, like all the bands seem to these days, have a two incredible guitarists however, surprisingly, also come with a singing drummer. But before you get any ideas about Phil Collins and Genesis then you'd better watch the video because this is nothing but awesome rock 'n' roll from a hot new emerging band. Perhaps not the strongest singer, the guitars are mindbogglingly amazing - just how I like them - and the drums are smashing but, don't worry, not too dominant or overpowering.

So if this band would start recruiting then I'm sure they could pick up a crazy singer from somewhere around the school. Northampton bands make a habit of sharing so I wouldn't be so suprised if we saw all of these three cropping up somewhere else in the future. Why they didn't win that competition I have no idea (I'd have given them it just for the last judge's hilarious justiculations at the end) and sorry Miss Heagen but if you don't have any taste in music then that's your own fault, isn't it? If I had to sum it all up in four words then I know exactly what I would say: THAT WAS LIQUID MUSIC!!!

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