Friday, 23 December 2011

Liam Dullaghan: Northampton's finest folk breakthrough artist this year

The blissful power-indie-guitar-folk-Americana fusion that is Liam Dullaghan was brought to the forefront of the umpteen music scenes he stretches his uber talented limbs across when his debut Making History album made history earlier this year. The record was instantly snapped up by music critics across the board and, as one of the best tender and meaningful rollercoasters of emotions of the year - transporting the listener through a whirlwind of joy, sadness and relaxation, Dullaghan thoroughly deserves all the support he's getting.

What's more, the beautifully calm Leaves On The Line was used in the Made In Chelsea soundtrack as his soulful tunes were introduced to the nations of late night telly watchers. I haven't the foggies what happens on that show but I've heard the music that accompanies it is of top quality so fans of songs you can truly connect to should not only watch E4 when the new series comes out but go to and at least listen to some of the album.

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