Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hype, Ripe and A Load Of Tripe: from ambient trance to dirty DnB

As a proud and dedicated Radio 1 follower, I must listen to over two-hundred songs a week and, frankly, I can't review them all. Here are five tracks I heard over the week and think I should share with all of you guys.

HYPE - three up-and-coming artist I'm getting really excited about

Andrew Bayer: as one of the next generation of club producers, Bayer is making waves in the trance world. Counting The Points is an eclectic journey through the mellow tunes of progressive-house with the power to chill your very soul.

The Cast Of Cheers: this amazingly named  indie rock band are brimming (overflowing even) with Vampire Weekend-ish energy. Wherever you may be, I guarentee you'll be ovecome by the same sudden urge to jump around.

Skeptical: having worked with underground drum 'n' bass big dog Dub Phizix, this man creates deep basslines and nasty drums to finish with a piece of petrifying brilliance. From the beat to the lyrics, Marka is an absolute rancid tune.

RIPE - an old-school record that's still sounding fresh today

A LOAD OF TRIPE - a truly, truly dreadful song that I never want to hear again in my life

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