Friday, 25 November 2011

A Farewell To Tyrants: and a welcome to rock 'n' roll metal

The heaviest band on rock night and the most rock 'n' roll band on metal night is A Farewell To Tyrants, the new Kettering indie rock band with a darker twist. Made up of minor celebrities: Huw Edwards off of The News At Ten, Jacob Price aka Matthew from Primetime Glick, My Dog Skip's director Jay Russell, and not-so-well-know Rowan Deller who narrowly missed the opportunity to be on Songs Of Praise (oh no, sorry, the last one's me!), AFTT are set to take 2012 by storm in Northampton.

Their new self-titled E.P. is out now and, personally, I don't think any East Midlands rocker should spend this Christmas without it. It's made up of that blend of strong vocals, raucous guitars, deep basses and smashing drums that make rock 'n' roll the most popular music genre bar none with an addictive slab of metal stuck in the middle. Sounding so raw and real, A Farewell To Tyrants are guaranteed respect from the musical community come next year and, if there's any justice in the world, I hope that someone gets you this for Christmas. Who wouldn't want to listen to a track called Loki And His Desert Eagle?

But if you like your coffee even stronger and your music more oomphy (yes, it is possible to go in harder than A Farewell To Tyrants) then make sure you get your paws on Black Acid Souls' Precious Possession. No joke; heaviest thing I've heard since that short but sour 72% Morrissey banger. Black Acid Souls have been tearing up Northampton since the beginning of time and show no sign of stopping. Well played guys.

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