Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Prodigy: kicking off Rocktober with a bang

The Foo Fighters' White Limo is an amazingly heavy hard rock tune from the band's awesome album Wasting Light. It consists primarily of Dave Grohl screaming his guts out; Chris, Pat and Nate tearing absolute filth out of their guitars and Taylor smashing up his drums in the background. All in all not the best record to listen to if you've got a headache. Col-oss-al.

Well if I was in an international rave mega-band then I'd have definitely done a remix. And because Liam Howlett's mates with Dave Grohl he just called up and said "yo, David, d'ya mind if me and the boyz do our stuff to White Limo?" to which he replied "go for it buddy." But when The Prodigy "do their stuff" what they actually mean is the strip the track to its bearest bones, reconstruct it in an incredible electro rock stylie, chuck the dirtiest drum beat you've ever heard into the mix and, voila, you've got one fine tune.

And what a tune it is. There's still the great White Limo guitar riff and vocals but, with that explosive drum beat and disgusting bassline, The Prodigy have just taken it to the next level. If you, like me, thought the Americans (and to be fair a lot of the commercial British producers as well) had squeezer all the juice out the dentists' drill riser and w-w-w-w-warbles then Howlett's resurected them. How can three middle aged men still sound this fresh?

If you want some nice Summery vibes for all the lovely weather we've been having then maybe this isn't really for you (I've developed a bit of an obsession for that Lucenzo song) but isn't it due to snow or something soon (I can tell you're reading this in April 2013 and thinking "what, anything different would be a change to all this bloomin' rain") so start busting this out of them speakers. Aren't the grannies gonna love that?!

Okay maybe I've gone a wee bit off topic but what I mean is that this is dark, it's horrible, it's an assault on your ears but personally I love that kind of music. But hey they're called Audio Bullys for a reason and if you wrinkle your nose at just the mention of the word dubstep you should Google Beth Jeans Houghton because she is immense. Back to the head bangers though and if Chemical Brothers' Glastonbury set didn't say it well enough then I don't know what will - the old school rave isn't dead yet. Rock on!

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