Friday, 7 October 2011

Ill Murk: the "Sway" of Northampton

You may remember Ill Murk from that Woy Yoy tune he did with Dimez a few months ago. Well since then he's just exploded. With help from Radio 1, Woy Yoy is a well respected hip hop tune among the underground world. If you've never heard the song before then it was the dub/grime/reggae hit of the Summer on my blog and I'm sure for a load of other rap fans around the country.

So what's happened since that hazy day last July? Well firstly about every rapper in the county has jumped on the All Star remix. I've heard of most of them but a few I haven't so in order of appearance they are: Hussla D, Lickle J, Mak, Young Haroon, MC Rumpus, Dizmack, J Kaz, Kaotic, D Wiser, Ceasar and Jam D. A lot of them have also done other work on Smash Down TV so just search for it on Facebook because there are some absolute smashers (Mic Terror is particularly good).

But it really came as a surprise when I heard this. I mean I know he's had over 10,000 views on YouTube for Woy Yoy alone but to get invited to Abbey Road to work with The Kaiser Chiefs, Gary Barlow, Mark Ronson, Tinchy Stryder, Labrinth, Mistajam, Zane Lowe and Pete Tong is something else. Woy yoy!

So I'm waiting until 2012/13 when I scan through the 1xtra playlist for my health dose of RnB, Hip Hop and Dancehall (the cheque's in the post) and see Ill Murk's name pop out at me. That would be a great day for the Northamptonshire hip hop scene.

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