Thursday, 25 August 2011

Anguish Sandwich: the must see Reading and Leeds act

If you're going to either Reading or Leeds music festival this weekend then a) lucky you and b) make sure you check out this band Anguish Sandwich (not to be confused with Ham Sandwich, cheese sandwich or my favourite corn beef sandwich) playing on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading on Saturday and Leeds on Sunday. I could do a fifty page long review about these guys but you can't be bothered to read it and, quite frankly, I can't be bothered to write it so I thought I'd condense it to three key reasons why you need to see Anguish Sandwich's set.

Reason 1: they make great music. Really fun energetic garage punk that's guaranteed to get you dancing. Need cheering up because of your GCSE results or want to celebrate in style? See Anguish Sandwich. First time to Reading, Leeds or just a music festival in general? See Anguish Sandwich. Love getting your groove on and jumping about to some absolutely amazing music? See Anguish Sandwich.

Reason 2: they have a female drummer. Catherine Maskell's her name. Gone are the day's of a load of men sitting around, smoking fags and swearing on stage there's now a woman sitting around, smoking fags and swearing on stage! But seriously it make's a big difference and sets Anguish Sandwich out from the same old male guitar bands playing.

Reason 3: they're absolutely bonkers! Raving mad loonys the lot of 'em. And it's really entertaining to watch. Unlike Jedward where you're laughing at them, with Anguish Sandwich it's just like having a laugh with some of your best mates. Just read their blog ( and it'll give you a pretty good idea about the level of insanity.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Tash from BBC Introducing in Northampton for discovering my blog and reccomending it on Facebook. To return the favour I'd like to ask you to listen to BBC Radio Northampton (103.6/104.2 FM or every Friday at 6pm with the incredible Tash for the latest tunes from Northamptonshire. Cheers Tash!

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