Sunday, 5 June 2011

Life ... Still

If I said "Strange House, Primary Colours and Skying" to you, you might think that Channel 5 had taken the new series of Big Brother a bit too far. Or you may know that they are the three albums by punk band The Horrors. And from Skying their new single - Still Life. The whole thing is rock brilliance. It's not shouty or anything like the old hardcore Horrors but takes on a new, more melodic approach to music.

You may be thinking "I loved The Horrors before, this sounds like they've gone all (enter expletive here)." But it's nothing like that. Where The Horrors have lessened the punk they have more than made up with a great music skills from all the band. Oh yeah, and they're on XL. You're listening now aren't you.

It's a tad longer than the other singles the band have released at five and a half minutes but that's just to cram in all of Faris Badwan's brilliant vocals and Joshua Hayward's amazing guitar work. Also there's a definite dance influence from Tom Cowan (brother of Freddie Cowan from the Vaccines) and his synthesiser with the incredible ending sounding like the band have a twenty piece orchestra behind them.

However much of a fan of the old Horrors I am, I still can't wait for the Skying album out next month. And I know a lot of the band's fans can't either. This new direction is all sounding extremely exciting but for now we'll just have to make do with this one psychadellic beauty Still Life.

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